Enduros Male Enhancement Review – Makes You A Better Performer!

Today I am reviewing a male enhancement product that I have been using for the past one month, Enduros Male Enhancement. It claims to increase the girth and length naturally. In fact, many people claim that the supplement also helps with ED, i.e. Erectile Dysfunctions…let’s find out the truth in these claims through this review.

About the Product

It is a penis enhancement supplement that comes in tablet form. It contains a blend of seven distinct (below listed) ingredients that promise to increase arousal, sexual stamina and intensify the erection and orgasm. It claims to be free of chemicals and side effects. If you are a man in late 40’s suffering from bedroom blues, you must try the product for changes that too without any doctor consultation.

Enduros Ingredients

  • L-Arginine
  • Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate
  • Cnldlum Monnlerl
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Tongkat Ali
  • Niacin
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

How Does Enduros Work?

  • These ingredients signal the body to produce more testosterone and nitric oxide
  • High Testosterone leads to higher arousal, libido and better erections
  • Blood flow is increased by raise in nitric oxide which prevents quick exhaustion and delays muscular fatigue, enabling longer and harder erection
  • It also leads to enhancement in the size with continued usage

Promised Results…

This promises to:

  • Increase in the girth of the penis by 1.5”
  • Enhancement in the length of the penis by 2” within 30-45 days of regular dosage
  • Its natural ingredients are also known for healing erection related problems in men.

Observations of the Practical Trial!

I took a 30 days trial and made very little changes to my diet (added dry fruits like walnut etc). I am an avid swimmer and swim half an hour every day. Here are the observations of my trial:

  • Rise in energy, libido and arousal
  • Lasted longer than usual during intercourse
  • Had a harder erection (and enjoyed it)
  • Wasn’t as exhausted post intercourse as I always get
  • 1” increase in girth and 1.5” increase in length

Side Effects?

In the beginning two days, I had a slight heartburn but after I increased my water intake and started eating my dinner 2-3 hours prior going to bed, it got better. It is advisable to stick to its directed use so that you do not encounter any side effect. And if you are suffering from some disease, do ask a doctor before beginning the dosage.

Final Say…

Well, there weren’t any side effects (heartburn was due to my ill eating habits) and results were pretty impressive so I would state this as worthy of recommendation.

Collective Pros

  • Clinically proven and tested ingredients
  • No side effects
  • No chemicals-synthetics or binders/fillers
  • Fast and effective
  • Easy to use tablets (ointment stuff is much messier)
  • Formulation lab is certified
  • Clean customer track record (haven’t heard any complaints)

and Cons

  • May require certain lifestyle-dietary changes in some cases (like I needed to change my dinner habits for heartburn problem)
  • Can’t be purchased through retail

Where to Buy this Male Enhancement Supplement?

Enduros Male Enhancement can be ordered at its official website. you can even look out for a trial offer at the company’s homepage.